Losing a loved one is heartbreaking. For a sweet dog named Cesur, losing his dog-dad was the hardest thing he’s ever endured. So hard, in fact, that he refused to accept the fact that he’s gone.

79-year-old Mehmet Ilhan passed away after years of battling illness. His faithful companion, Cesur, never left his side. Being ill can be very isolating. Having a pet at your side can be very therapeutic. And the bond that is formed is one that cannot be explained with words. Ilhan depended on Cesur for assurance, companionship, and love. And Cesur depended on Ilhan for the same.

Ilhan spent his last days in the hospital. During that time, Cesur refused to eat. Then, once Ilhan passed away, and his body arrived home in a coffin, Cesur refused to leave it. Still very aware of the body of the important person inside.

During the services, Cesur remained beneath the coffin and hung his sad little head the entire time. He refused to be touched or moved.

Then, once it was time to carry the coffin to the gravesite, Cesur led the procession. He then watched closely as Ilhan was laid to rest. It seemed to bring the loyal dog some closure.

For five days after the funeral, Cesur traveled to the gravesite and sat with his owner.

Cesur now lives with Ilhan’s son, Ali. He’s doing as well as can be expected but it is obvious that he still mourns his dad. This sad story about this sad little dog is proof of how much we matter to our pets. The love that we share is immeasurable.