Life can be tough sometimes. It can make us struggle, it can be scary, and it can bring us down and the animals on our planet are no exception to that. We’ll be talking about a heartbreaking tale that leads us to one of the many satisfying dog rescue stories. The story of a dog that was too scared of people, other dogs, and was even so scared that she never got a chance to eat. Meet, Alma.

Alma lived in a dilapidated old garage with 15 other dogs that oftentimes fought over for scraps of food. Unfortunately, being the smallest and meekest of the bunch didn’t give her any advantages for getting food. Oftentimes, Alma would lose out to the more aggressive dogs in the pack and be unable to eat, thus giving her a frail and skinny body.

Dog rescue story 3

Rescued by Howl of a Dog recently, Alma went under the foster care of the organization’s friends: Oana and Mihai. Soon after, Howl of a Dog began documenting Alma’s recovery in a short video on YouTube. At first, it was hard for Alma to even eat properly, and would only leave her crate to eat when she noticed that no one was around to watch her. She was a very scared and terrified dog.

Dog rescue story 4

However, things would gradually change as her new environment and caretakers became kinder and more accommodating to a small dog like her. Within 18 days, Alma seemed to be on the fast track to recovery. Although she is still afraid of going to a vet, she is already in a better place than she was previously.

Dog rescue story 5

Alma has now made a full recovery, has been sprayed, and vaccinated. All that’s left for Alma now is to find a new and caring place to call home. Watch Alma’s story recovery from scared and hungry to happy and healthy below. This is indeed one of the many happy dog rescue stories out there, and we hope to hear more.