Well, I know that we own and manage a dog website and Facebook fan page. However, there are many cat owners among the group and we just had to share these adorable slippers (slippers with an attitude).

Source: Amazon seller Smoko

These adorable cat slippers are also heated and yes, I said, “heated”. They have a plush design and can easily be charged using a simple USB cord or even wireless. And, best of all… one size fits all, up to women’s size 12.

Source: Amazon seller Smoko

Whether you’re looking to warm up your own feet or give these as a gift to a good friend, they’re adorable.

You can learn more about these slippers here: Cat Slippers

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Smoko Feline Rather Toasty Cat Foot Warmers | Wireless Warm Oliver Heated Slippers | Plush and Fluffy

However, if you’re a dog lover and MUST have dog slippers, we recommend Cuddle Clones below:

Check out this site that makes slippers and they’re a CLONE of your dog!

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