One of the worries we have as pet owners is figuring out if our dogs are feeling okay. A slight change in their behavior or in their eating habits usually gets us all in a tizzy and we panic. But simply learning what signs to look for and things to check like their pulse and temperature can help you gauge how much pain they’re in, if they’re injured, or if they’re sick.

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital created this nifty video to show pet owners precisely how to check their pets’ vital signs and understand what they mean.

It’s important to have a baseline as reference to guide you as you check on your pets. You already know what’s normal for your dog, so a keen eye to catch notable behavior changes is key to noticing if something is wrong. If after checking you determined that your pet might be feeling something, do seek out professional help.

Through the tips shown in this video, we’re hoping we can work around the challenges of understanding our dog by using our observations plus these vital sign checking tips to ensure we’re able to address health issues as early as we can.

Watch the video below and start checking on your dog!