Did you know that choosing our doggo companion can actually reflect who we are as people? YES! With so many types of dogs out there, have you ever wondered why certain people gravitate towards certain breeds?

Specific dog breeds have specific traits. When you choose a dog, you do so as a reflection of your own personality. So choosing a dog reveals a lot about you. Curious to see if this is accurate? Well, pick your favorite dog breed and let us know in the comment section if we’re spot on!




Labrador Retriever

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If you chose the Labrador Retriever as your go-to breed, then you are all about family. You cherish quality time with the ones you love above all else. Labs are kind and loyal and so are you! Everyone who knows you well knows they can trust you with all of their secrets.




If chose Chihuahua then you are full of energy! You love to get up and go. Your ideal day is discovering new things and relishing in what life has to offer. You easily find beauty in things around you and tend to be an optimist.




Poodle lovers are often sophisticated and have great fashion sense. Your friends come to you for fashion advice and you love to give it. Even in yoga pants and a hoodie, you always aim to look your best. However, you’re not shallow. In fact, many who know you consider you to be deep and in touch with your spiritual side.


German Shepherd


If you chose German Shepherd then you are a fiercely loyal friend. Your friends are your family and you also have a close friendship with many of your family members. You surround yourself with people who value you just as much as you value them. You are also fiercely protective of the ones you care about most.


French Bulldog

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This stout playful pup that’s full of smiles says a lot about you are as well! You’re career-driven but you also have a wicked sense of humor. You know how to go into work mode but you also know how to reward yourself with playtime too. You don’t mind working long hours so long as you get to enjoy a fun weekend filled with all your favorite activities.



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If you chose Beagle then you are just as inquisitive as your furry friend. As a tot, your favorite word was “why.” You like to understand how things work and will go on a mental mission to understand the world around you. You prefer to watch the Discovery Channel and read non-fiction. Your intrigue is what makes you a great conversationalist. You are also a great listener.



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If this is your preferred breed then you are full of confidence and self-pride. Don’t mistake this for being self-centered. In fact, you are quite selfless. However, you know how to hold your head up high and inspire others to do the same. You value who you are as a person and realize that even though everyone has flaws, they are perfect in their own right.


Yorkshire Terrier

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If Yorkies are your desired breed it’s because you are full of spunk and full of smiles. You’re more of a glass-half-full kind of person. You prefer styles that are edgier or more colorful because making a statement is almost an art form. You love finding things on sale for yourself but don’t mind splurging on the ones around you.



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If Boxer is your favorite breed then you are a risk taker. You are the first to try that unreviewed restaurant or go to a party where you barely know the host. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there and inspire your friends to do the same. You are often the center of the conversation and love to make people laugh.


Pit Bull


Pit Bull lovers are thoughtful, kind and often introverted. You are passionate about what you believe in and don’t hesitate to tactfully share what you think others can do to make the world a better place. You love art, reading a good book, and prefer walking barefoot to feel the earth beneath your feet. People consider you to be a good friend who is always available if the need arises.


ALL dogs are wonderful creatures. If you have the pleasure of living with one then you know they do so much more for us than we do for them.

If you gravitate towards Mixed Breeds then that makes you the ultimate dog lover with a sprinkle of each fine quality in your big dog loving heart!