Jose Luis Hernandez credits his neighbor’s dog with saving his life after he was recently mugged. Hernandez says he considers himself very lucky because without the aid of his neighbor’s pooch, things would have been much worse.

It all started when Jose cashed his check recently at the end of a long work week. He carried $200 in his front pocket with the other $700 in his back pocket. The Houston, Texas man drove home and didn’t notice there was a black Sedan following him.

Source: Zachary Alan Betts/YouTube

Surveillance video from a neighbor’s property shows Jose pulling up to his driveway and getting out to check the mail. Suddenly, a man in a red hoodie approaches Jose and asks him to put a nearby barking dog away.

Jose ignored the stranger and kept to himself. Suddenly the stranger, who held a rock, demanded Jose’s wallet. The entire time, the dog was barking and nipping at the assailant. Jose refused to give his money away.

Source: Zachary Alan Betts/YouTube

“I just started kicking and kicking,” Jose shared.

Although he pushed him into a ditch and got away with $200, the dog prevented the assailant from “ripping” Jose apart. He hopes someone will recognize the man or vehicle in the video.

Source: Zachary Alan Betts/YouTube

Watch the video below to see more. In the meantime, we are sending out a high paw to Ace, the dog who helped drive the criminal away!