German Shepherds are truly one of the most selfless and amazing breeds of dogs ever. They jump into danger without a second thought even if it means they can save a life or guard against any threats. This stray German Shepherd proved to be the ultimate example of that heroism by saving the life of a woman who had been in a car crash in the middle of nowhere.



Shannon Lorio had just had an argument with her husband and was speeding along a rural road, her mind preoccupied with the fight she had just had. The dangerous curvy road Shannon was driving on is called ‘Nascar road’ by the locals, and rightly so. Shannon lost control on one of the curves and her car fishtailed off the road, sending her flying from her seat into the back glass of the car.



The car crashed in the nearby woods and Shannon passed out. When she came to, she found herself half in her car and half on the trunk. To her surprise, there was someone trying to save her. That someone was a German Shepherd, who had appeared out of nowhere it seemed. The dog dragged Shannon out of the car and onto the edge of the road, where Shannon managed to flag down a car and get help.



The dog, aptly named ‘Hero’ after the incident, was found to be a stray. He was adopted and is now undergoing training to become a search and rescue dog. Having already saved Shannon from near-death, Hero is eagerly learning all the new skills he’s being taught, and has an insatiable thirst to save more people from danger and death. What a Hero!

Click the video below to watch Shannon and her savior Hero’s incredible story.