Who said that you can’t have a dog as a training buddy? Check out how this mighty hound follows their owner in performing a complex routine, full of trick after trick. With a pretty awesome military theme, the pair were able to pull off an impressive routine as part of a dog competition. 

Watch as this dog does everything from pushups, to squats, and even CPR on their owner!

The  routine starts with the dog waking up the owner. As soon as she’s up they begin to do some marches and some basic exercises; all of which are quite impressive for a dog. The routine gets really interesting when the owner tosses a fake grenade and feigns passing out. This is where the pup runs over and performs CPR on her until she come right back up.

There’s no doubt that this dog is definitely smart and talented, they do everything so well! Doesn’t seeing a dog this well-bonded with their owner just bring a tear to your eye?