Zoe Cadman was on her way to Joshua Tree National Park in California with her friends to go hiking in the desert when she ended up saving a life.

As she was driving from Monrovia, she spotted a dog running down the side of the highway. Initially, Cadman and her friends thought it was a bobcat, but once they slowed down, they were shocked to see that it was actually a dog.

The dog, who was filthy, matted, malnourished and dehydrated, was running down the road in the middle of nowhere in the scorching heat. Cadman knew he wouldn’t survive out there much longer, so she stopped to help him.

She made a makeshift leash using some twine, and offered him some water in a coffee cup that she had. As soon as she put it out, the dog came over and gladly drank some.

Cadman then rushed him to the Shabby Dog in Sierra Madre, where he was groomed and taken to the vet for treatment. In addition to his matted fur and dehydration, he was also covered in foxtails and had painful sunburn on his feet and nose.

Although the pup has a microchip, it was never registered. Going by his awful condition, rescuers believe Dave was most likely neglected and dumped, and are trying to find out if a rescue or vet put the chip in.

The four or five-year-old dog, now named Dave, received all of his shots and a total makeover. He is unrecognizable with his new haircut and is now looking for a forever home.

If you’re interested in opening up your heart and home to Dave, please contact the Shabby Dog at info@theshabbydog.com, using the subject line “Dave.”

H/T to CBS LA.