When hungry, no one likes to have to wait around for their food. And if you’re used to eating at a particular time of the day, it can be especially brutal to have to put it off until later. With hunger comes anger, and we can become some “hangry” individuals. And in the video below, Max the Great Dane is one “hangry” dog! šŸ˜€

Max somehow has an amazing sense of time. It’s human-like. The dog knows that his dinner is normally served at 5:00PM. Well, it’s now 5:08PM, and the annoyed pooch is wondering where his food is! This leads to a hilarious back-and-forth conversation between the dog and his owners.

Is your dog extremely picky about eating and eating on time? Does your dog seem to have an unbelievable inner clock like Max? Let’s hear it in the comments. šŸ™‚