It is common practice for cowards to abandon dogs outside of shelters. In Serbia, one organization that functions on little resources knows this all too well. As the shelter volunteer arrived at work one morning, he saw a cardboard box on the property. He knew what that likely meant. He prepared himself as best as he could and walked over.

Inside the box was a litter of puppies around four weeks old. Had they been brought in and surrendered properly, it’s likely the entire litter would have survived. But because they were callously left in the heat without food or water, three babies had succumbed to heatstroke. However, one puppy inside the box was alive!

The one puppy was panting heavily. So heavily in fact that it’s likely he too would have died in a matter of minutes. The rescuer reached in and lovingly examined the other puppies. He wanted to pay his respects. He takes the living puppy out and brings him over to a large bowl of water.

As the puppy drinks and the rescuers put soothing cold water on his body, his tail says it all: thank you, thank you, thank you!

What isn’t shown in the video, but is in the video’s description, is the miracle that happens next! The shelter volunteers always search the area when dogs are abandoned in case a mother dog or other puppies are nearby. They certainly didn’t expect what they found next!

A fifth puppy had managed to worm her way out of the box and make her way into a shaded spot. The description explains:

“We were searching around in case there were more of them and suddenly the little black one showed up, coming out of the canal. She was dehydrated too, but luckily managed to get out from the box on time, and stayed in the shade.”

Two puppies managed to survive! And thanks to the wonderful shelter volunteers, they both made a full recovery and went to loving forever homes once they were old enough.

Of course, we are absolutely devastated by the actions of the owner and the deaths of the other puppies. But we are also grateful that two puppies managed to survive. This story is a reminder to anyone that the proper surrender of unwanted animals is essential. We encourage you to share the story to bring awareness. However, the video is both upsetting and raw. Please watch with discretion as the three deceased puppies are shown.