Over the years, the “Old Dog Home” has been a nurturing abode to many elderly and unwanted dogs in Atlanta, Georgia. Melissa, who runs the place, sees people heartlessly dumping senior dogs all the time. However, the disturbing circumstances around the abandonment of a dog named Holly still gives her the chills.

Source: Old Dog Home/Facebook

Holly was between 10 and 12 years old when she was brought to the veterinarian to be euthanized. But the staff saw that Holly was fairly healthy and an absolute sweetheart. So they refused to put her down and instead begged Melissa to look into the matter.

Melissa was disgusted when she arrived at the clinic and saw the dainty 30-lb pooch enthusiastically wagging away her tail beside her owners. When she asked the owner about his decision to euthanize Holly, he nonchalantly explained that she “peed on the floor all the time”, and that his grandkids weren’t interested in keeping her.

Source: Furry Family Comfort Care/Facebook

Melissa turned to the man’s granddaughter, and earnestly asked her why she wasn’t interested in keeping Holly. But the little girl only shrugged as she blankly replied, “We just don’t really like her.  We like our other dogs better.” Basically, the impatient family didn’t want the “burden” of an old dog when they had younger ones to keep them entertained.

After the family abruptly left the clinic, Melissa learned that Holly’s beloved original owner had passed away. For the past few years, she was being shuffled around from one person to another like a tacky, unwanted gift. But even after being neglected and mistreated by everyone, Holly was the sweetest girl who just wanted to share love with humans.

Source: Old Dog Home/Facebook

Holly was quite scared and confused once her family had left. She would shake uncontrollably, but Melissa diligently comforted her. Later, Holly received treatment for a yeast infection and some filthy skin ailments caused purely by neglect, and definitely not “old age”.

Eventually, Melissa was able to get Holly adopted by an amazing family who accepted her wholeheartedly. Today, Holly lives in a huge farm with her many animal buddies, a big doggie brother, and 2 doting human sisters. She is definitely going to have a blast in the sunset years of her life!

Click the video below to watch Holly being a wonderful good girl despite getting dumped by her “family”.