A dog belongs with his or her family but sadly, like Honey, many are left behind. When this poor pup was dumped by her owner on the roadside, she laid on her owner’s jacket waiting for him to return. She watched as each car passed her by and didn’t stop.

Thankfully a rescue group stepped up and saved the poor little soul. She was suffering from severe mange and had lost most of her fur. She must have been so cold and desperate but most of all, she must have been so sad to be left behind.

The rescuers brought Honey to the vet who prescribed daily medicated baths. They addressed all their other concerns while she stayed with a medical foster. Her days of being given up on were over. She now was in safe hands. As they say in the video below, it was “time to mend her body and heal her heart.”

Once in her foster home, Honey began to put on weight now that she was on a healthy diet. She was likely underfed before if she was even taken care of. With the topical medication and medicated baths, her fur began to grow in too. Honey was beginning to look like an entirely different dog.

Her foster family couldn’t get enough of Honey. In fact, they even took her to have her Christmas pictures taken. Honey has never been paid attention to like this before and is loving every minute of it. While it is heartbreaking that she was left the way she was, it was also a blessing in disguise. The loyal dog who waited for her owner to return got a better home where she is loved and cared for 24/7.

It is never okay to leave a pet behind. If you see an animal in distress, please call your local police department, shelter, or rescue group. If you know of anyone who cannot keep their pet for any reason, please suggest some resources. Abandoning a pet is never an option. To see Honey’s rescue, scroll on down.