Dogs are so loyal that they’ll do anything for the love of their owners. But some twisted people take advantage of this faithful love of dogs to condition them towards dog-fighting. ‘Hope’ is a 7-month-old bait dog who was used to train such fighting dogs.


Source: Good Karma Dog Rescue/GoFundMe


Hope was tied upside down by her owner, so that two fighting dogs in training would aggressively go after her. When rescuers from Good Karma Dog Rescue in New Jersey heard about her and came to save her, the defenseless Hope was already ripped to shreds.

Hope was in acute pain, as her skin and muscles were missing in most parts. Her swelling wouldn’t go down and she refused to eat. The doctors rigged her up to a feeding tube and hoped for her to survive.


Source: Good Karma Dog Rescue/GoFundMe


Hope showed no response to steroids, so she was given massive antibiotics and painkillers. After weeks of IV therapy and round the clock care, Hope finally showed signs of getting better.


Source: Good Karma Dog Rescue/GoFundMe


Today, Hope has made a full recovery, and is even showing her happy personality to her caregivers. It is hard to believe that she was once at the doors of death, but now she greets everyone with happy smiles, tail-wags and kisses! What a miraculous recovery!

Click the video below to watch the skittish Hope learning to play during her period of recovery!