An urgent call was placed to Hope For Paws about a badly injured dog lying on the side of the street. They were alerted that the dog had been there for 24 hours when someone eventually decided to help. Eldad knew he had to be careful with the pup since she was unable to move on her own. He figured her pelvis had been crushed.

The stray needed help and knew it, and she was so thankful and grateful despite all of the pain. Eldad named her Lady and took her back to the hospital where it was confirmed by X-rays that she had a broken pelvis. She wouldn’t be able to get a bath until the pain subsided.

Lady received all of the necessary medical care and then continued on to a foster home, and she looked like a completely different dog at this point! It wasn’t long before she found a forever home, and Lady now looks so great and is living the life she deserves. 🙂