When all you’ve had is a life of heartache, it’s hard to even imagine happier days, and that’s the case for Arkin, a pup who spends his days in what most would consider a prison made of rusty wire fencing and concrete floor.

He’s so hopeless that even when rescue workers reach out to help him, he ignores them. It’s almost too much to believe someone might actually care for him. But, that dream is now a reality for the sweet dog who spent way too long unhappy.

Howl of a Dog rescue group stepped in and saved Arkin, bringing him in for medical treatment and giving him a nice warm bath to get rid of the fleas and parasites covering his broken body.

But, as often happens when you feel a little love, Arkin makes a complete recovery, even finding a new future that includes a happy home where he can run and play, feel the grass between his paws and soft dirt under his belly where he used to only know concrete.