Stacey Storer said her eight-month-old daughter, Ruby, was very cranky when she brought her to visit a friend’s stable in Nottingham, England.

Like most cranky babies do, Ruby began crying and screaming nonstop as her mother grew overwhelmed. But it didn’t take long before someone showed up to help soothe the upset baby, and it wasn’t Storer’s friend.

As Ruby was crying, a horse named Red stuck his neck out of his stable and began rocking the baby’s car seat back and forth by nudging it with his nose.

The baby quickly stopped crying and began to laugh.

Storer and her friend, Parsons, couldn’t believe their eyes. They were able to capture the heartwarming moment on camera, which you can watch in the video below.

It’s amazing how fast Red’s fatherly instincts kicked in to help make Ruby laugh, and just how intelligent horses can be! Red sensed there was a problem and took it upon himself to quickly come up with a solution.