Imagine stumbling into a field of wolves, all alone, on a cold winter day. That’s exactly what happened to a lone horse, and the entire ordeal was captured on video by onlookers.

The wolves are seen in the wilderness, likely grazing for food on a snowy afternoon. Suddenly, a horse walks right into their area, not realizing a pack of wolves were there.

Source: YouTube

Horrified, the men waited for something terrible to happen to the horse. Amazingly, the wolves let the horse alone, which is when the most shocking moments occurred.

As the horse grazed on the minimal vegetation, the wolves let him alone and they even backed off.

Source: YouTube

Once the horse had his fill from grazing, he lowered to the ground and began playing on its back in the snow! The big equine resembled a puppy having the time of its life.

Despite the men yelling “no” to the horse, everything was fine. There were no attacks, no fights, and clearly, the horse demonstrated his alpha status to the pack.

See for yourself in this epic video below.