Program Helps Dying Patients Take Care Of Their Pets, Re-Homes Them After Owner Passes Away

One of the biggest concerns for terminal patients is who will take care of their pets and what will happen to their pets once they’re gone. This is an issue facing elders all across the country. But now they have hope.




Pet Peace of Mind is a program that was started with the intention of helping terminal patients take care of their pets and make future arrangements for their pet’s well-being. The volunteer and the donation-run program provides a variety of services including playing with the patient’s dogs, grooming the dogs, and even re-homing them once their owner passes away.

This is an amazing program that helps take care of a huge stress that a person faces in their final days. The program partners with various hospice to train and integrate them. They already have over a hundred hospice partners.

Their Facebook page reads:

“The Pet Peace of Mind program provides nonprofit hospices with a turnkey approach to help them train volunteers to help patients with their pet care needs, provides seed funding to get the program off the ground, and offers advice and assistance for the life of the program. People have come to bond with their pets in much the same way they bond with people.

“Pets are treated and loved like family members and they comfort their owners much like a close friend or relative. It is no wonder then that during the end-of-life journey, pets can play a critical role. Unfortunately, as families deal with grief and loss during hospice care, pets may be overlooked, forgotten, or even ignored by family members unfamiliar with the patient’s bond with a pet.”

Here is an update from their Facebook page:



We think this is a great program and hope it goes on to partner with every hospice in the country.

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