Adopting a dog in need of a home is a very generous action, but typically, it’s not a one way street. The grateful animals usually pay their new family back in affection, happy dog smiles, and companionship.

Sometimes, they even offer life-saving protection.

Source: Fox 43

The Lamberts, a family from Waynesboro, rescued a hound mix from a local shelter named Edgar. He immediately became a part of the family, loving every single human in it, but especially the  kids.

One night, Edgar proved just how much he adored the children. A stranger was threatening the lives of the three girls, but the hound wasn’t about to let anything happen to them.

Source: Fox 43

Around 3:45 a.m., Edgar woke up his new family. He was barking furiously, something he never did.

“Edgar is normally a very sweet dog,” Thom Lambert said via Fox 43. “He never gets angry. I knew something was wrong because he seemed very angry.”

Source: Fox 43

Thom Lambert, the father, realized quickly that something was wrong; there was an intruder in the house.

Source: Fox 43

Edgar viciously growled and barked at the unseen stranger, defending the bedrooms within the house.

Because of this line of defense, the man inside the house fled without being able to commit any violence or theft.

Source: Fox 43

“When this dog sensed that his family was in danger, he immediately sounded the alarm and defended them,” said PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien. “The Lamberts saved Edgar, and he saved them back, and PETA encourages anyone who’s inspired by this story to consider providing a dog or cat who’s waiting at a local animal shelter with a lifelong home.”

Source: Fox 43

Thankfully, the authorities apprehended the intruder, a man named Thomas Dewald. According to official reports, the man admitted to entering the Lambert’s home. He even intended on kidnapping one of the children, but left once he heard Edgar’s barks and growls.

Dewald was arrested in April for kidnapping a 4-year-old girl that later escaped — so it was a good thing that Edgar was there. Otherwise, one of the children would have met a terrible fate.

To recognize Edgar’s heroic actions, PETA is sending the Lambert family a framed certificate and a letter of congratulations. The organization is even sending a gift bag of dog toys and vegan treats for Edgar to enjoy.

Edgar is certainly a good boy — and a wonderful example of how adopting a rescue dog can enrich your life beyond expectations!