One of the happiest times in a shelter pet’s life is the day they go home to their new loving family. That’s exactly what almost happened to a nine-week-old puppy named Weston from Houston, Texas.

On the very day Weston was waiting for his new family, he was stolen during a very busy time at K-9 Angels Animal Rescue in Houston, Texas.

Source: K-9 Angels Rescue/Facebook

On their Facebook page, the rescue group wrote, “One of our volunteers noticed a girl holding a puppy outside of the designated puppy area and took him away from her to return him to the puppy room. At the same time, another volunteer saw her friend get into a car with a puppy, the sibling. They drove off before anyone realized he was actually being stolen and was not just leaving with adopters. This all happened in about 45 seconds and police were called immediately.”

The girls are believed to be between the ages of 16 to 24, white or Hispanic, and got into a red four-door Sedan vehicle with a male driver.

Source: K-9 Angels Rescue/Facebook

Sadly, the girls tried to steal two dogs and only managed to take one. The puppies only go to this group on weekends and then go back to foster families. He didn’t have all his vaccinations and it is hoped the puppy is being cared for and not used for anything sinister. The shelter has since installed video cameras.

A reward will be offered, so anyone with information can email or call/text (713) 203-7814 or (713) 894-9825. More information may be seen in the video below.