Loud noises typically makes babies cry, but in this infant’s case, he chooses just to join in on the fun when the dogs in his house start howling. That’s right, the baby can howl, too, complete with his neck stretched out, head leaned back, mouth open wide to reach all the way to the moon and back, as they say in baby land.

He’s learning from the best—two dogs, a yellow lab and a chocolate one, who seem to be communicating with the child as if he’s their own pup. Larry Woods explains that the dogs constantly get into ‘howling battles’, becoming louder and more ridiculous with each contest.

He says they do it so often, ‘our son has decided to join in the war.’ I have to say, the dogs are adorable, but this baby, howling right along with them, takes the cuteness prize this time. The video makes me wish Larry could keep recording, so I could see if the dogs continue their lessons as the little guy learns to walk and grow as a boy, a bit like the man-cub in the Jungle Book. But for now, we’ll have to just appreciate this adorable game of monkey-see, monkey-do….or in this case, baby-see, baby-do.