If you’ve ever taken a long nap and lulled yourself into a deep sleep, you aren’t alone. Hulk the tiny English Bulldog puppy can relate to the pleasure of sleep.

When 46-year-old Nikki Palakovic taped the little guy doing the most adorable movements while napping, she had no idea how social media would react. With eyes closed and positioned belly up, little Hulk trembles with excitement as he dreams.

Source: Caters Clips ©️Nikki Palakovic/YouTube

Both front and back paws are adorably moving to the rhythm of his dreams while his dog mama, Maisy watches carefully over her baby.

Nikki can be heard saying, “Somebody’s dreaming…big tummy…there’s Mama right there watching.”

Source: Caters Clips ©️Nikki Palakovic/YouTube

If only these cute puppy videos came with smell-o-vision we could all breathe in the fresh scent of puppy breath. For now, though, we are swooning and wanting to cuddle this bundle of joy.

Source: Caters Clips ©️Nikki Palakovic/YouTube

We hope you had a restful nap and wish you a very happy life. Watch this sweetheart in the video below.