Is any life worthy of saving? Does it really matter the specie or how big they are? The real question here is, would you have done the same thing? A Sedona man goes out of his way to do something special for two sweet hummingbirds that would have likely perished in the cold weather. Then, he captures the most beautiful images that will take your breath away!

In Sedona, the weather is usually warm and inviting but one season was incredibly cold and the wildlife wasn’t prepared for it. So, a man got creative and used a heating pad to keep a hummingbird feeder warm. What happened next is simply magical!

The hummingbirds, that he named Rocky and Adrian, were elated to find a warm place to rest and eat. The cold temperatures can be very scary for an animal this size! The heating pad became a haven for two tiny lives.

The images that followed are absolutely breathtaking! We rarely get to see a hummingbird this close up. This video is truly a gift, not just for the man’s selfless act, but for filming it so we can experience it too! Animal heroes are my favorite kind of people! Don’t you agree?