A mother’s love is undeniable; she will do whatever it takes to take care of her own. Look no further for an example of maternal sacrifice than this tale of a hungry dog and the puppies for which she cares for and loves.

Seen roaming the streets, this dog mom approaches a table to beg for food. After receiving the grilled chicken from a kind soul, she ever so gently carries it in her mouth to another location. Wondering what the dog is doing, the person who fed her decided to film her while following the trail.

The camera shows the mama dog taking the piece of meat to a rundown area, from which a litter of puppies emerges. She drops the food to feed to her little ones and even allows the videographer to stay and be around the pups.

We double dog dare you not to be overcome with love at the sacrifice this mama dog made to feed her pups. Witness this selfless act of devotion in the video below!

Photos: Rumble Video