When people like us hear tragic stories like this one, we’re left outraged. Since we understand that our pets are our family members, something like this makes no sense and is beyond cruel.

A seemingly normal apartment complex in Atlanta, Georgia became a scene of heartache and despair when a 911 call came into Gwinnett County deputies. The caller reported that a dog was trapped all by herself on a balcony and had been there quite a while.

14 days to be exact.

Deputies arrived on the scene. What they saw was astounding. The Husky was locked onto the balcony on days that reached a whopping 100 degrees. She had no food. She had no water. And what you will learn next is, she no longer had a family.

Bodycam footage was shared by deputies when the dog was finally rescued.

A neighbor had heard about the poor pup said to Fox 5 Atlanta, “She didn’t have any food or water at all, so it’s a miracle she was still alive when they got to her.”

“It was heartbreaking,” he continued. “It was truly…” he was visibly upset and looked for the right words. “My mom was almost in tears when they were pulling her out.”

Imagine going for 2 weeks without food or water. How she managed to survive leaves us scratching our heads. Her owners had clearly moved out of the apartment and decided to leave her there, trapped on the balcony with nothing to sustain her.

Now that the Husky is safe and in good hands, she’s being well-cared for at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter. She must remain there until the investigation into her abandonment is complete. Then she will be available for adoption.

Her owners, 29-year-old Daniel Ugalde-Andres and 24-year-old Nicol Moreno Mariano, have yet to be found. Arrest warrants have been issued and it’s only a matter of time until these two heartless individuals are brought to justice.

It doesn’t make up for what happened to the innocent dog, but officials are confident that they will face stiff punishment for what they intentionally did.

The dog has made a full recovery and is doing great! Look at that adorable Husky smile!

Source: Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office

This story is a reminder, if you cannot keep your pet(s) for whatever reason, abandonment is NEVER the answer. Ask for help. Call around. If shelters near you aren’t accepting animals, try rehoming them on social media. Call local police and explain you are in dire need of assistance. Leaving them behind is NEVER an option. Not ever!