Most of us treat our pets as if they were our children. Some people can’t understand why that is, but this video will help clear that up. Our friend the husky is enjoying his time at the dog park, when his mom let’s him know that it’s time to go. This is when hilarity ensues.

This giant baby of a dog just starts throwing a fit in the middle of the park. His screams (those sounds don’t even qualify as howls!), and it sounds like he’s yelling “NO!”

When his mom calls his name again he doesn’t move an inch and starts screaming even louder. Remind you of anyone? A child maybe?

He hasn’t yet learned the “give me five more minutes mom!” trick. You have much to learn, my young friend.

Apparently this isn’t a first-time thing for this cute but stubborn husky. Apparently he throws this epic fit EVERY TIME his family takes him to the dog park. His mother can’t help but laugh, and to be honest we’re cracking up just as hard.

Huskies are awesome dogs that absolutely love to run around and be outside. If you give these guys love and exercise, they will prove to be a great family pet… but remember that park time is precious to them!

Huskies are some of the most entertaining dogs on the internet, and they’re known for making some seriously weird sounds…. and for throwing epic tantrums. Sounds like this husky is just being a husky!