Idgie is a 2-year-old Dachshund who was abandoned under a driveway in Florida along with her 7-month-old disabled cat sibling named Ruth. Their owner didn’t even have the decency to get them to a shelter, but that didn’t stop Idgie from being the best protector and savior of the helpless Ruth, who couldn’t walk.

Source: Orlando Sentinel/YouTube

For days, Idgie and Ruth struggled to survive on the streets. Idgie made sure that no stranger ever touched Ruth. Soon, Seminole County Animal Services found out about their plight, and jumped in to rescue them. However, Idgie was still very suspicious of every human, and started growling at the rescuers!

After much effort, the rescuers were able to assure Idgie that they meant well. The pair was taken to the shelter and given their own special pen to stay in. The adorable Idgie has many takers, but she absolutely refuses to leave Ruth’s side. The shelter now hopes that someone adopts these inseparable siblings together, and gives them a life of love and comfort. Get the word out.

Source: Orlando Sentinel/YouTube

Update: Idgie and Ruth have been officially adopted by Jacqueline Borum, owner of Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa! The pair is now living the best life with their new mom. Jacqueline saw that Ruth had to drag herself everywhere, so she even got a wheelchair for her. Now, taking Ruth out for walks is Idgie’s favorite part of the day! What a happy ending!

Click the video below to watch Idgie and Ruth living like queens with Jacqueline!