There are many people who are SAVED each and every day by the use of The Heimlich Maneuver. However, this procedure can only be used when in a public setting or if another individual uses this method to help save a victim.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if YOU or someone you love was ALONE and CHOKING? This is an awful feeling and after watching this video, I’m going to let ALL my friends and family know about this amazing video and method. If it can save ONE LIFE and someone I love, then it’s worth the SHARE.

This video will show you and anyone you love how to help SAVE your life or theirs by taking some actions which may help if a choking situation arises. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee to work and neither is the Heimlich Maneuver but when you see how this works, you will be a believer.

Thank you for watching! 🙂

Source: This Video Could Save Your Life! by rumblestaff on Rumble