After a long, hard day one of the best ways to unwind is by going to bed, getting all cozy, and just chilling out. Scheduling some downtime and turning the world off isn’t just for humans anymore. One look at Igloo the English Bulldog and her bed obsession and you’ll understand what we mean.

If you’ve ever struggled after a hectic day, take a lesson from this cutie. This is a doggo that knows exactly what she wants: sleep! She is a pooch on a mission, walking from the hallway and towards the bed ramp.

Source: Eggnog Bulldog/YouTube

Her cute little butt waddles up the ramp and onto the bed, and you can hear Igloo’s mom say “okay” as she finds her spot. She continues by saying, “When Igloo says it’s bedtime, it’s bedtime.”

The pup’s cute little bed is waiting for her and it even has an overhead fan so the princess stays comfortable and cool. This a very content pooch who gets what she wants.

Source: Eggnog Bulldog/YouTube

Watch this bundle of joy in the video below.