A community in Greenwood, Indiana is in shock over their neighbors who abandoned their dog that eventually starved to death. The couple, Michael and Amanda Sester, are charged with cruelty to an animal.

The couple is in the midst of a divorce and left the sweet dog behind when moving out of their trailer home.

Source: 13 WTHR

The dog, named Chuck, had no food or water and was simply confined to a kennel with no one to help. According to court records, Amanda left the trailer home first and later her husband. The dog was left behind.

Neighbor Billy Dorris spoke to 13 WTHR News, sharing, “Just to treat a dog like that is not right at all.”

Source: 13 WTHR

In court documents, it is revealed that Michael called Amanda several times, telling her to come to get the dog and the cats because he was not going to care for them. Amanda told investigators she believed Michael moved out when she left and she had no idea who was caring for the animal.

Sadly, an innocent life was needlessly taken due to human ignorance and complete disregard.