We were devastated to learn about Isa, the latest casualty of xylitol poisoning. Candy manufacturers continue to add the dangerous ingredient to their products, despite reports of its toxicity and canine fatalities.

Xylitol, according to WebMD, “is widely used as a sugar substitute and in sugar-free chewing gums, mints, and other candies.” Xylitol can also be found in peanut butter, oral care products and in some children’s cold medicines to mask the foul taste.

What’s most concerning about xylitol is how toxic it is to dogs. Even in the tiniest amount, the sweetener can be deadly. According to vets, even a small piece of chewing gum can kill. The quicker you respond, the better. If your dog gets into anything containing xylitol, you MUST take him or her to the vet immediately.

This is Isa’s family’s story:

“Most of you are aware that we lost our sweet Isa last night. We had to make the hardest decision and our hearts are extremely heartbroken. Not only did we lose an amazing dog but we lost a part of our family.

This is the culprit that took our sweet girl’s life last night and it happened so fast. Isa got into a container of Ice Breakers gum and consumed about half the container. We rushed her to the emergency vet. Upon arrival, she was having a grand mal seizure and her liver was already failing. The prognosis was not good.

I am posting this in hopes that this information can save one of your fur babies and make you aware. Ice Breakers gum has xylitol in it as most other gums do as well. It is extremely poisonous to animals. We knew it was poison and rushed her in. All it took was 1 hour. 1hr to turn our healthy dog into a dog fighting for her life.

Please keep gum out of reach from your four-legged babies.”

We urge all dog owners to keep this ingredient out of your household completely. Be aware of your surroundings as well. Others can come into your home with gum in their pockets or purses. Put a sign up on your front door if need be! Just keep your dog safe by keeping this ingredient far, far away!

Our prayers are with Isa and her family during this difficult time. RIP, sweet girl!

Feature image courtesy of Unsplash.com