As dog lovers, we accept our dogs unconditionally. No matter what happens, we’d like to think we would be there for them to help them through and to remain happy. But for many, that simply isn’t true. Not everyone can handle the daily struggles that occur once an accident happens. But for Craig Mosher, he didn’t just handle his dog’s accident. He faced the challenges head-on and never complained!

During spinal surgery, Craig’s dog Loois tragically became paralyzed. Loois could no longer use his back legs BUT Craig didn’t let this accident dictate the rest of their lives. Instead, he used this accident as a way for them to bond even more. Now, this is true love!

The video below will show you exactly what it took for Craig and Loois to live a happy life together. Through all the challenges, Loois never stops smiling. Mostly because his human stood by his side and never gave up on him. Their love is so inspiring!

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