A Kansas City woman has come forward to share her disturbing story of domestic abuse, and how her loyal Great Dane, J Matthew, was instrumental in helping her leave the bad situation. Choosing to remain anonymous, the woman claims that her boyfriend had been physically abusive for a long time, but she never had the guts to confront him.


Source: rosebrookskc/YouTube


One day, the boyfriend was having another episode of his violent fits. But this time, he picked up a hammer and began hitting the woman. The woman fell to the floor and the man continued assaulting her with kicks. Her dog, J Matthew, panicked to see his mom on the verge of death, and ran to shield her body from the merciless hits of the abuser.

As the 110-lb J Matthew lay atop the woman, he took majority of the blows from the man. Eventually the monster got frustrated of the dog trying to protect the woman. He picked up the dog and threw him from the second story window. But by then, the woman picked herself up and ran out to the street to get help.


Source: rosebrookskc/YouTube


J Matthew suffered several broken bones, a broken hip and 2 fractured ribs. His mom and he were taken to the emergency centre where they received treatment for their grave injuries. The Rose Brooks Center, which is a sanctuary for domestic violence victims, offered refuge to the woman. However, she had to leave J Matthew behind as the shelter didn’t allow pets.

The woman was in a real fix as she didn’t want to return to her abusive life anymore, nor did she want to abandon the loyal dog who saved her life. When she refused the shelter’s offer, the management changed their policy and decided to provide refuge to pets as well!


Source: rosebrookskc/YouTube


Statistics reveal that about 40 percent of battered woman stay in abusive situations to protect their pets. The Rose Brooks Center has taken a positive step toward empowering the abused. J Matthew is a true hero and an inspiration to domestic abuse victims around the world!

Click the video below to watch how J Matthew protected his mom and motivated her to seek help!