Rejection, abuse and neglect can seriously damage the behavior and psyche of a dog. Some develop overly submissive tendencies, while others just sink into depression.



Jack, a 12-year-old German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever mix, had lived a horrifying life of abuse and rejection with his ex-owner. When he was brought to the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia, his gloomy demeanor was hard to miss.

Every time the staff tried to get him out, Jack would bury his face in the corner, until one of them would lift him outside. They realized that Jack’s acute depression arose from severe abuse or neglect. A group called “Susie’s Senior Dogs” was moved by Jack’s plight and they decided to post his story on their Facebook page.



The post went viral overnight and the society received calls from many would-be adopters. But one young lady was so touched by Jack’s story, she dropped by the shelter straight away, with her other dog.



As fate would have it, Jack didn’t hide his face this time. He warmed up to his new family in an instant and happily left the shelter for a new, happy beginning. With a new human and canine friend, we think all of his troubles are in the past now. What a heart-warming ending for Jack!

We hope every depressed and lonely dog meets a kind, loving family like Jack’s new family!