We will never understand why anyone would harm an innocent animal. But what we can do is to raise as much awareness as possible so that these perpetrators are caught and punished. Awareness also helps the victims get the help they need!

For little Jane, a three-month-old puppy, life had been beyond cruel! She was found all alone in a park. Not only was she abandoned, but her tiny head and face were also wrapped tightly in packing tape. Who would commit such an act?


Thankfully, Slaughterhouse Survivors in China were quick to save her. This organization does such amazing things so we know that Jane is in good hands!

The rescuers weren’t just baffled by Jane’s condition, they were horrified. She could have suffocated! But now Jane is safe at the shelter. You could see that Jane was uncomfortable and scared but as soon as she heard her rescuers’ sweet voices, her little tail wagged.


The kind women slowly took off the tape, making sure they don’t injure her further or scare her. As she was unwrapped, the rescuers noticed that her eyes and ears were in bad shape. Poor baby!


The next thing they figured out was heartbreaking! The vet examined her further and noticed that she hadn’t eaten in a while AND believed that the tape had been on her body for at least a week!

Jane needed all of her vaccines. She also needed antibiotics for her infections as well as a diet high in calories so she would get back to a healthy weight.


But then GOOD NEWS came! The sweet girl began improving fast. It’s amazing what can happen with tenderness and proper medical attention. She was also very patient when it came to her daily medication and eye drops. She understood that everyone just wanted to help her.

Before long, she began to act like a real puppy! Running and playing and wagging that tail! It warmed everyone’s hearts.


Three months later, Jane got some excellent news! She was heading to America! She may have had the most awful start at life but now her future is as bright as the sun.


We are so happy for little Jane! Thank you, Slaughterhouse Survivors. To see Jane’s rescue and transformation, click play on the video below!