When soldier Janna Berger left home for her AIT training, she knew that it was going to be a tough few months for her loyal dog, Murphy. Unlike others, Murphy had no idea about Janna’s return. The poor dog was overcome with sadness and he would spend his time sleeping outside his mom’s empty room.


Source: ViralHog/YouTube


In this video, it is finally time for Janna to come home. She fully anticipates an emotional reunion with Murphy. However, the dog freezes in his tracks the moment he spots Janna waiting for him. Instead of running to her happily, he panics and runs away in the opposite direction.

Janna is disappointed and confused by the whole situation. But soon, she sees Murphy leaping toward her with tears in his eyes. He hugs her tight and doesn’t let her go. Janna feels Murphy’s racing heart and realizes that the sensitive dog is simply too overwhelmed at this happy surprise.


Source: ViralHog/YouTube


Once Murphy is assured of Janna’s presence, he animatedly skips around her and shows her just how much he missed her. Janna calls her 3-year-old pooch the “light” of her life, and she is hoping to take him to her new home so that he never has to go through another heartbreaking separation again. We wish this pair many more years filled with joy. What a touching reunion!

Click the video below to watch Janna and Murphy’s remarkably touching reunion!