Jax the Bernese Mountain Dog lives with two other pups that he gets along with, but the sibling that he’s the best of friends with is not a dog at all. It’s a gray squirrel named Willy!

Usually, dogs go berserk when they see a squirrel, and it’s in their nature to want to chase it. But Jax absolutely adores Willy and is so gentle with him. They are truly two peas in a pod!

The two of them are inseparable and love spending time together. They both live with their mom Shannon Apple in Parkville, Maryland. She posted videos of the two of them together to share their close bond with the world, and they understandably went viral.

The video below shows Willy trying to hide an acorn in Jax’s fur. Jax was lying on the floor, calmly watching his squirrel brother frantically dig around in his thick black fur as he tried to hide the acorn. But Willy grew frustrated when the acorn kept falling out. He couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t stay, so eventually, he gave up and decided to eat it.

Jax’s expression during the whole thing is priceless. He just stares at Willy, confused as to why he’s digging around in his fur. But he doesn’t mind it one bit. It’s amazing how gentle this giant pup is with his squirrel brother.

Apple posted the video on YouTube which quickly amassed more than 12 million views! It’s safe to say that you’ll enjoy watching this hilarious video as much as I did. Watch for yourself below: