After spending the first half of her life at a puppy mill, a Yorkshire Terrier named Chewie was finally rescued and found a loving home. Her new family happily spoils her to make up for the six long years she spent in terrible living conditions — and Chewie just eats it up!

She loves positive attention so much, she gets a little jealous when other dogs visit the family home. So, in order to get the focus back on herself when human and canine guests are over, Chewie came up with an ingenious plan (that you can see her act out in the video below):

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If Willa wants to visit I will fake an injury for attention. #willaismybff #bossladysbaby #tiosmybuddy #grampshadtacos #attentionwhore #fakeaninjury #monstermash #ishouldgetanacademyaward

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To make sure she’s getting enough attention, Chewie fakes an injury and begins limping around the house!

“She’s faked injuries quite a few times,” Rikki Perez, one of Chewie’s family members, said via The Dodo. “She usually just does it if my dog has been over too long because my grandma tends to baby my dog because she’s so much smaller than Chewie. If my grandma is holding Willa, then Chewie will start to limp so my grandma will put Willa down and hold Chewie.”

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As soon as the other pups leave the home, Chewie is miraculously healed. For spending so much time trapped in a puppy mill, this Yorkie has developed some impressive acting skills!

Her new family always makes sure that Chewie is healthy when she limps around (even though they know she is doing it for attention). She may act like the diva of the house, but she deserves every bit of attention she can get, especially with the rough start she had in life.

Can you blame this little actress for just loving life as a spoiled house pet?