The Obedience Dog Championships at Crufts tests a dog’s ability to cope with various commands in a competitive setting. The dogs have to be at their best behavior as their training is tested through various exercises, commands and heelwork.


Source: Crufts/YouTube


This video follows Jenny Gould and her German Shepherd Zankanja Bitter ‘N’ Twisted through their game in this prestigious competition. Zankanja is one of the best-trained dogs in the competition, and his coordination with his handler stands out throughout his run.

In their performance that clocks at just below 10 minutes, Zankanja is seen sticking together with Jenny like glue for the most part of their run. He extends his neck and fully focuses on Jenny, observing her intently to be on his paws for the next command!


Source: Crufts/YouTube


The audience is mesmerized by Zankanja’s flawless synchronization with Jenny. While Zankanja’s act must have required a lot of training, it is his loyalty and deep love for Jenny that makes him obey every command with dedicated perfection! What a brilliant dog!

Click the video below to watch Jenny and Zankanja’s outstanding performance at the obedience championship!