An innocent stray was brutally injured after being hit by a car. He was left bleeding with significant wounds. His leg practically dangled from his body. His condition was beyond heartwrenching.

The pain in his leg was so bad that he bit on it, over and over, trying to do something to alleviate the pain. Was he trying to remove it from his body himself? In all their years, the rescuers had never seen anything like it.

Upon approach, he ran, so afraid of the unknown. Were these people there to hurt him further? He wasn’t sure. As he ran, he still bit on his leg. He couldn’t stop! The rescuers brought a blanket over so they could scoop him up and take him to safety.

Back at the rescue center, they gave the dog a name: Jeremy. The medical team sedated him. Jeremy’s pain was too intense not to. They then realized the extent of his injuries. His teeth had actually penetrated his face from the severe impact. My god! This poor dog!

They then assessed his leg. It was too badly damaged. It had to be amputated but they were hopeful. Dogs can compensate with their three other legs and still be quite mobile.

But still, Jeremy had a long way to go. It would take over a month for his wounds to get better. His wounds weren’t just on the outside. Jeremy had been through quite an ordeal and didn’t trust anyone around him. All he wanted to do was hide. He was very sad– and despondent. Even with all their experience, the rescuers had never seen a dog so depressed.

The dog’s rehabilitation would have to include emotional support as well, and the team was happy to lend a hand. So were the puppies! Dogs have a keen sense and they knew Jeremy needed friends to help him get through his battle.

As his wounds healed on the outside, it seemed Jeremy still struggled on the inside. The volunteers worked so hard to get him to see that life was worth living. They had never seen such a sad dog before despite having all he needed, including lots of love and support.

But then… One day, it seemed that things just clicked. Jeremy realized he was now in a safe place. He was deeply loved. And nothing bad was ever going to happen to him again! And like that, Jeremy perked up!

The adorable, sweet Tripod was now thrilled to be alive. His tail wagged. He wanted to play. It was like a new dog took over!

This story should give all of us hope. No one is ever too far gone to help, not animal nor human. Everyone is worth the effort.

Watch Jeremy’s rescue below and remember to support Animal Aid Unlimited; they can’t do all this alone.