A 25-year-old Ohio woman named Jessica J. Swineheart has been accused of deliberately starving her German Shepherd and her Beagle after locking them together in a cage. She left them unattended for days, without any food or water.



When the authorities found the German Shepherd, the dog was barely standing as he was reduced to one-third of his normal body weight. He stood beside the decaying carcass of the Beagle, and it seemed that the German Shepherd had been surviving by eating the remains of his tiny dead friend.

Authorities are uncertain about how long the animals were caged and starved by Jessica. The German Shepherd is being taken care of by rescuers. Meanwhile, the court has charged Jessica with two felony counts of prohibitions concerning companion animals, which is a fifth-degree felony.


Source: @fox8news/Twitter


Jessica has been arrested under a warrant and held on a $25,000 bond pending a court hearing. We hope the case is investigated thoroughly and the culprit is brought to justice. Our hearts go out to these poor animals who endured the most disgusting form of abuse. We hope the German Shepherd regains his health soon and pray that his Beagle friend rests in peace.

Click the video below to watch this violating story of Jessica starving the two dogs.