Volunteers from Rescue Paws Curacao Foundation were walking over a bridge when they spotted a homeless dog who was wandering around nearby.

It was clear by his condition that he had been living on the streets for a long time, if not his entire life. He was extremely malnourished and was covered in scabies.

Rescue Paws volunteers rushed him to the vet, where they learned that scabies and malnourishment were not his only ailments. He also had a dislocated hip, which vets assumed was from an old traffic accident. Since it was never treated, vets believe he has been walking around in pain for years.

The dog, now named Jules, was also missing teeth and many of the ones he had left were damaged, most likely from chewing on a chain or eating little stones from being starving.

The vet put him on several different medications to help him heal, and Jules went on to live with a foster while he began his journey to recovery.

He was estimated to be around nine years old, which meant for nine years he had never felt love or received any care. Because he wasn’t ever around humans, he wasn’t properly socialized and still didn’t fully trust humans.

He was also reluctant to trust his doggy foster brother, but his foster family knew it would take time for him to heal, both physically and emotionally.

Initially, Jules’ fosters feared he wouldn’t survive. He was in such bad shape and refused to eat, which made his family worry. But soon enough, he began to eat on his own and eventually gained weight. His fur even started to grow back, and in no time, Jules was completely unrecognizable!

Once he was healthier, he underwent surgery to correct his dislocated hip. He then began physiotherapy to help build his muscles back.

While he was recovering physically, he was also getting better in his social life too. He became much more outgoing and finally allowed people to pet him.

The dog who was once knocking on death’s door and terrified of people is now a beautiful fur ball who loves attention and playing with other pups!

He has since been adopting into a loving forever home, where he will live out the rest of his life spoiled and most importantly, pain free!

Watch his incredible rescue and transformation in the video below: