By looking at Badger, you would never imagine the pain that he suffered through as a puppy to get to where he is now.

When Badger the Cocker Spaniel was just six weeks old, he was found abandoned with three other newborn puppies in a garden in Redhill, Surrey, England. The puppies were suffering from a plethora of medical issues, including severe mange, chronic eye and ear infections, and extreme malnourishment.

Thankfully the RSPCA rescued them just in time to get them the help they needed.

The puppies received weeks of treatment at their clinic and were eventually adopted out to loving families. All of them settled into their new homes very quickly, but Badger (formerly named Dustin) was struggling.

Badger was very energetic and needed constant stimulation. Since he was a handful for his new owners, they contacted the Millbrook Animal Center, who agreed to take him back.

There, they kept him very busy by hiding tennis balls around the center and playing scent games with him. They did what they could to help Badger exert all of his energy. He loved playing these games and he was so good at following his nose and finding the balls that they contacted the Sussex Police to see if they’d be interested in adopting him as a recruit.

They agreed, and Badger became the newest member of the Surrey and Sussex Police Dog Unit!

K-9 Badger was paired with PC Steph Barrett, who was excited to give him a beautiful second chance at life.

Barrett says Badger is very high-spirited, and has gained trust in humans and is doing great. He has since been qualified for about six months now and is trained to search for drugs, cash and weapons.

He is amazing at his job and loves what he does. Whenever he hears the radio go off, he gets very excited and can’t wait to get to work.

Three men, aged 30, 20 and 21, were arrested in connection with the abandonment of the puppies and have since been released under investigation.

H/T to Fox 10 Phoenix & Sussex Police.