It’s a miracle Kaew survived this long. Despite her struggles, she is kind and loving. Her rescuers picked her up and took her to the emergency vet. The fact that she was even paid attention to at all was the first good thing to happen to her. She felt she truly mattered. And she does!

Just look at her smile! Her smile truly warms the heart.

The vet assessed her and realized she’s severely malnourished. They put her on a high-calorie diet and gave her IV fluids. They will then try to work on her atrophied muscles. With physical therapy and surgery in her near future, Kaew may have a fighting chance. We pray the medical team can work miracles.

It saddens us to think that so many strays wander helplessly around, living meal to meal. But with each little miracle, like Kaew’s story, we have hope that good people are trying to make a difference.

Watch Kaew’s rescue in the video below.