Commuters at Ayr station in Scotland were shocked when they found that someone had abandoned a sick dog at the station. The dog, a Shar-Pei mix named Kai, was tied to a suitcase filled with his favorite toys and belongings. On top of that, Kai also needed an emergency surgery as his eyelids were curling inwards.


Source: Scottish SPCA/Facebook


Scottish SPCA workers were quick to rescue Kai. They shared his gloomy pictures on social media, which immediately sparked outrage among animal lovers. Kai received huge support and love from all over the world, and he soon started recovering under SPCA’s care. However, his microchip proved to be a dead end and his owners were nowhere to be found.

Later, a woman came forward and confessed to abandoning Kai. She defended herself saying that she was supposed to sell Kai, but the deal with the buyer fizzled out. She left Kai at the station as she had to reach home to her asthmatic daughter by the last train. After this revelation, the SPCA is looking to re-home Kai. Let’s put the word out and help this sweet boy find a forever home.


Source: Scottish SPCA/Facebook


Update: After multiple applications came in for Kai’s adoption, the SPCA chose 52-year-old Ian Russell as Kai’s new owner. Ian just lost his senior dog, Mica, and knew that Kai would be the perfect companion for him. It sure looks like the two have found peace in each other’s company!

Click the video below to watch Kai’s inspiring journey after being rescued!