Dognapping is on the rise as callous thieves couldn’t care less about the broken hearts they leave behind. Stealing dogs isn’t a new crime, as 13 years ago a teenage boy helplessly watched as someone stole his dog from the family’s front yard in Tennessee. A man in a red Dodge pickup truck pulled up to the front yard, scooped the tiny dog up, and drove off.

Source: Tennessean

“Hey!” the boy screamed through a window. “Don’t think I don’t see what you’re doing with my dog!”

The boy and his mom, veterinarian Dr. Karen Fox, got into their vehicle to try and catch up with the truck, but they were unsuccessful. The family was devastated at the loss of their beloved Yorkie, Connor, whom they rescued just two years earlier. For weeks, the family searched everywhere for Connor with no sign of the sweet little guy. Sadly, Karen’s husband, Timothy, passed away four years ago and never saw his Yorkie again.

Source: Tennessean

Out of the blue, Karen received a call recently from a company that owned the microchip she put in Connor 15 years ago. Within a short time, she received another message that Metro Nashville Animal Control had Connor in their possession. Fox and one of her staff members drove to see the dog, who is now 16 years young. The little pooch slowly walked over to Karen and licked her face as if to say, “I am home now.”

Despite having bad teeth, a sore leg, and infected eyes, Connor is in good hands now. His family admits they are so happy to have him back and will cherish him. Little Connor was brought to the shelter by a woman who found him roaming the neighborhood.

Source: Tennessean

“The most emotional thing for me,” Karen stated, “is how much my husband would’ve loved for him to have come back home.” Watch the joyful reunion below.

H/T: Tennesseean