Like humans, cows too have a very dominant maternal instinct. An abused, battered cow named Karma was recently rescued by an animal sanctuary, but the rescuers were shocked to see her cry all night.



The sulking and agonizing cries went on for days. The rescuers finally noticed the dripping milk and realized that the cow was separated from her calf. They questioned the previous owner, who confessed that Karma had just given birth before being rescued.

The rescue team went back to the owners, who was initially reluctant to give up the calf, as he wanted to sell the calf’s meat. The weak calf kept collapsing because of stress and malnourishment. The rescuers went to great lengths to convince him to give up the calf.



The rescuers brought back the calf to the down and dejected mama cow. The moment Karma spotted her calf step out of the wagon, she completely loses it. You’ll have to see it for yourself to understand the feelings behind Karma’s bewildered tears of joy! What a happy mother-child reunion!

Click the video below to watch the touching reunion between Karma and her calf!