Liddie had gone missing from her home 21 days ago, and Kirstin Kapp remained heartbroken. Her dog was out there somewhere, and she felt there was nothing more she could do about it. It never became easier to cope with it all, and it hurt. Part of her was missing, and she just wanted to have her best friend back.

Source: dogmom616/TikTok

It’s unclear where Liddie had gone off to during the time away, but she was eventually found and taken in by a couple who traced her back to the Kapp family. They then tracked Kirstin down at work at the vet clinic setting up a wonderful reunion!

Source: dogmom616/TikTok

The moment Liddie busts through that front door happy-crying is something Mom will never forget. But if she were ever to get fuzzy on the details, there’s a video! 😉

Watch the TikTok below to see their reunion in real time. I don’t know who’s happier — Kirstin or Liddie! 🙂


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