When Frankie the kitten was discovered in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, his rescuers noticed he was very, very special.

He was found cowering underneath a house alongside his brother, frightened of the approaching humans. But it wasn’t his fear that set him apart…one of the stray kittens seemed to have an extra set of ears, plus a deformed right eye.

Source: Frank_n_kitten / Instagram

Unsure of the unique kitten’s state, the pair was rushed to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society for medical attention.

There, a shelter volunteer named Georgia Anderson heard about the rescue kitten’s strange appearance — and she knew she had to meet him.

Source: Frank_n_kitten / Instagram

The sweet kitty needed to have emergency surgery to remove his deformed eye, so Georgia had to wait until after to meet the rescued cat. She was afraid the trauma of the rescue and the surgery would cause him to be stand-offish, but that wasn’t the case, at all!

In fact, the little stray was full of love and affection.

Source: Frank_n_kitten / Instagram

As soon as she picked him up, he purred and rubbed his face (complete with sutures) up against her. Immediately, Georgia volunteered to foster him.

Because the surgery left a long row of stitches down his face, the shelter staff nicknamed him “Frankenkitten.” The 10-week-old kitten was becoming a star around the shelter and it’s easy to see why. “Frankie” was so unique, but also so loving!

Source: Frank_n_kitten / Instagram

Georgia had only intended on fostering Frankie, but as soon as she spent time with him, she realized it would be impossible to let him go.

The shelter made her wait eight days before allowing her to adopt Frankie, but once that time was up, Frankie officially joined Georgia’s family. Not only did he gain a loving mom, but he also had three brand-new cat siblings named Toothless, Mina, and Lucius Malfoy.

Source: Frank_n_kitten / Instagram

Frankie’s first surgery went well, but he may need to face more procedures in the future. Cats born with four ears tend to have other issues or genetic deformities that may need to be addressed. As he grows up, his mom will be keeping a close eye on his progress, making sure to put his health first.

The first thing that will need to be addressed is Frankie’s overbite; once his adult teeth grow in, his lower canines may need to be removed. His upper canines can stay, but they may hang out of his mouth like a vampire — it’s a good thing the shelter staff gave him such an adorable monster name!

Source: Frank_n_kitten / Instagram

Frankie and Georgia formed a bond that will last a lifetime, and thanks to that loving support, the young kitten will never give up fighting. As he grows into a handsome little cat, he has family and friends that will be there for him every step of the way.

He may look different from other kittens, but he certainly still knows how to live life to the fullest!